About the company

The first, most dependable, and most reasonably priced tour operator for visitors and residents is TRAVCUS, which we would like to offer you. Since our company’s inception in 2012, we have been able to offer high-caliber service.
Whether you’re traveling alone, with your newlywed partner on a special day out, or simply attempting to spend quality time with your family, we think trips should be SPECIAL. And we work very hard to make it HAPPEN!
TRAVCUS is in charge of the Vatican, the Colosseum, and the wonderful city of Rome. Due to the fact that we provide more than 15+ unique tours, Colosseum tours, Vatican tours, Villa Borghese tours, and Rome city tours, you will surely enjoy choosing and experiencing with us.


Our business aspires to give its customers a comfortable and high-quality experience while giving them the chance to explore the most historical and well-known locations in the region. We always put the needs of our clients first, and nothing can stand in the way of that!

Our excursions are modern, equipped with the greatest guides, and made as convenient as possible for you. To ensure a lasting memory, our staff concentrates on providing the finest experiences in the shortest amount of time and on the best possible terms.


Tour types provided by the TRAVCUS

Private Tours

TRAVCUS is one of the few tour operators that provide the incredible option of private trips. We know that you would want to go on an adventurous tour excursion with JUST your family rather than a large group of strangers.

All you need to do to reserve your private tour is select the dates, the destination, the number of guests, and the mode of transportation, then prepare to go on the trip of a lifetime.

When taking a journey with relatives, most families choose a private excursion. When your entire bus is packed with loved ones, traveling on an unforgettable excursion will unquestionably give you the most enjoyable experience. Though this service may be pricier than the regular group tours, the experience is worth giving a shot!

Semi-Private Tours

This is also a very nice choice because it comprises a very small number of people. The majority of group excursions offered by firms include a large number of people, which has a negative impact on the tour experience. In view of this, TRAVCUS exclusively provides semi-private tours for groups of up to 10 people only so that each of our visitors would receive individual attention and get to fully enjoy the trip!

A semi-private tour can also be booked in the same way as a private tour! You must provide the information for your trip, and you will be automatically grouped with the other individuals of the same specifics.

What our clients say's

Dennis was a brilliant host. Charming, witty, and so, so knowledgeable. Took us through the full history at the perfect pace. No queues, best photo stops and all with an invaluable commentary delivered through faultless audio guides. Thoroughly recommend these guys and especially Dennis. Thank you sir, a wonderful experience

Alex H

Huddersfield, UK
This was the best value I had while in Rome. I was somewhat skeptical because of the unorthodox way Ali Abd El Wahed approached me but he assured me he was legit. I'm glad he did because our guide, whose name I can't remember(it's been 2 months since I took the tour) was absolutely excellent and well informed.

Maryam S

California, U.S.A
Way too cool!! Ali was waiting for us and was ready to go when we showed up. He told us so many great facts regarding the colosseum, surrounding buildings, and, my personal favorite, the statue of Nero. Ali is an awesome guy and you can tell he truly cares about the area. I haven’t done a tour of the colosseum before, but I have a hard time imagining that the day tour can top this.

Jackson S

Liverpool, UK
We had a great time during this walking tour in downtown Rome, it was a lovely guide, humble and fluent in English . We visited Spain steps Pantheon and fountain Trevi . Street food and gelato was awesome . I love it and highly recommend

Iris B

Manchester, UK


Ali - Travcus,


Founder & CEO

I am Ali A.Wahed as a Founder of TRAVCUS have been in the industry since 1990 and have been continually recognized and introduced innovative ideas. From my more than 30 years of experience in the filed.I am serving as a Tour operator and travel agent more than two decades in Italy Tourism market. I have gained tremendous and extensive knowledge to facilitates all class of travelers with comfort services.

We want to delight your tours and trips in every possible ways and I am sure that our team of dedicated specialists will exceed your thoughts on what customer service should be like and tour more and more with us.

Lastly, I feel very proud and privileged for your choice to make us serve you for your varied tour requisites.. Concurrently, we’re obliged to our customers who lay confidence in our team and services. The management and staff at TRAVCUS welcome the opportunity to work with you for all your Tours needs.

I once again re-welcome you to Tour with us