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Colosseum Tours – A Journey to the Ancient Times

A vacation to visit the historical places of the Colosseum can be exciting and overwhelming, even if you have been there before – Colosseum is huge and has a lot of baggage of history behind it making it a special and a must-visit place for the trip.

Planning a Colosseum tours Rome might require effort and time as you need to know where to get the tickets at reasonable prices, book the right tour guide, and be there at the right time and, of course, at the right gate!

It might sound too much to digest, but we have covered you. We have listed all the essential information about your tour to Colosseum, interesting facts, the history, and the ideal time to plan a visit.

With that in mind, continue reading through the end to ensure you have all the information beforehand and plan your Colosseum tours accordingly.

Historical Background of Colosseum

Located in the heart of East of the Roman Forum, this massive amphitheater is known as Colosseum – commissioned around 70 AD to 72 AD. Emperor Vespasian gifted to the Roman people. Later in 80 AD, the Vespasian’s son opened it and named it officially Flavian Amphitheatre.

After 4 centuries of active usage, the arena was neglected, and until the 18th century, it was used as a source of building materials. However, it has remained a popular tourist destination and an important part of tumultuous Roman history.

For centuries, the underground Colosseum remained submerged, while in the 19th century, the excavation work started and continued till the 1930s. The place was opened for Rome Colosseum underground tour first time in 2010, with defined slots. However, it can only be explored with the licensed tour guide, not alone.

Facts about Colosseum

The massive theatre has fascinated people for the last 2 thousand years. But people coming for the Rome Colosseum tour hardly know some related facts about it. Let us tell you some cool facts about it to make your tour more interesting and amusing.

  • The construction of the Colosseum took roughly 10 years to build- imagine how powerful and energetic Romans were.
  • It is built from the spoils of wars, including gold and silver.
  • Romans made gigantic cranes for the construction of walls.
  • It can accommodate almost 85,000 people inside.
  • Back then, the place had 80 entrances; 76 were used for people and 4 for special purposes.

Is the Underground Colosseum Tours Worth it?

Taking a Colosseum tours Rome and gaining access to the places inside the Colosseum which are not accessible with an ordinary ticket will surely be amazing. Not only this, the major reason you should visit Colosseum’s underground arena is its historical background.

Imagine how fascinating it was back then when the backstage preparations of the big gladiator fights happened. There is much more to witness with the story associated with every place and piece.

Moreover, the Rome Colosseum tour is for you if you are a historophile and want to experience the different techniques and cultures. It has a rich historical background which can only be witnessed with a detailed tour and a guide. The tour guide can share remarkable facts and details about the place while you enjoy the fascinating and astonishing architecture.

Apart from the historical background of learning about the mechanics of gladiator fights, another reason why you must plan a Rome Colosseum underground tour is you can have a chance to sense what it feels like to prepare for a battle leading to death. The feelings of worry and anticipation, coupled with the cramped space, make the underground visit a harrowing one.

With all these reasons in mind, you could imagine how it might feel to visit the Colosseum alone and experience every essence of the Colosseum underground tour. It is truly worth a visit.

Colosseum Underground Tour- What to Expect?

Your visit to the Colosseum underground tours will cover some special zones, including the arena. This arena floor is also called Stage- from where you will begin your journey. It offers a unique and special perspective of viewing the Colosseum; this newly-constructed area is a great place to start.

Heading towards the ‘Gate of Death,’ you can view the huge amphitheater from the gladiator’s point of view as they entered the arena and fought for their lives.

After that, your Colosseum underground tours will proceed to the underground Arena section, noting that the original arena was destroyed and a major part of it was exposed to the natural elements resulting in the corrosion of most of the areas.

Nevertheless, some part of this section is still protected and preserved, providing the tourists a peek at the holding cells that contained gladiators or animals. The basement also featured lifts which are now reconstructed for the tourists’ convenience and let them experience what it was like to be in the pre-show preparations.

Colosseum Night Tour                 

Regardless of whether you visit it during the day or night: it is amazing. The place looks spectacular in the moonlight, with illuminating spotlights within its structure. A visit at night offers everything you will witness in the daylight.

Moreover, it is also said that if you want to view each aspect of the place to the fullest, the Colosseum night tour is the best. The guidance and company of a local guide with expertise in every place in the arena can give you insights into the place’s history, architecture, and current-day significance.

When is the Right Time to Visit Colosseum?

Usually, it takes approximately 2 to 2.5 hours to cover the entire Colosseum trip. Generally, the tour begins from 4:30 pm from Sunday to Friday, while on Saturdays, you have an option to start your visit at 4:30 pm or 7:30 pm.

Furthermore, the place is open for visitors throughout the year except for 1st January and 25th December. The opening hours are from 8:30 to 7 pm. However, if you want to visit a place with low crowds, you should visit there in the low seasons, from November to February. From March to October, there is a chance you will get high crowds.

Book Your Colosseum Tours!

If you want to visit the place regardless of season, plan your trip in the morning or at night with the Redeemption Point. We are here to offer you the best tour guides to make you aware of every story and history behind the place.