Terms of Service

Upon release of payment and guarantee of booking, all guests are submitting compliance to the following Terms of service. Should any doubt or dispute with said Terms of service arise before booking, it is advised to contact us before placing your booking and submitting payment.


Redeemption Point Black Friday offers are valid from November 25 6am EST, to November 28 11:59pm EST 2022, and are valid on online purchases on the Redeemptionpoint.com website. The discount can not be combined in conjunction with any other discount, promotion or offer, or on purchases made through any other websites. The discount is not redeemable for cash, or against any purchases made prior to November 25th or after November 28 2022.


Whats In Italy Tours Di Ali Abd El Wahed  (here doing business as Redeemption Point) is not liable in respect of personal injury, loss or damage of luggage by the client, or death. The company is not responsible for any injury, loss, delay, inconvenience caused by natural disasters, or other events which are beyond our control or which are not preventable by reasonable diligence by Redeemption Point, such as war, floods, severe weather, etc.

RedeemptionPoint’ group size of max 10participants is and always has been based on sustainable travel and especially in these new times, we are proud to be at the fore front of the innovation, changes and challenges that are presented to us during this post-pandemic time. At the moment, due to covid-19 safety regulations, the museums and sites visited on this tour require wearing a mask while in the site. Please bring one for every participant over 6 years of age.


Our refundable booking option includes liability in case you are not able to attend the tour. You can also opt to save 10% and purchase a non-refundable tour. Nonetheless, we strongly encourage any traveler to purchase Travel Insurance that includes medical and personal insurance to cover medical expenses, emergency flights, and loss of baggage or personal belongings.


In the rare event there are no tickets available to pre-purchase, Redeemption Point is responsible of contacting the client offer an alternative date or cancel the tour and immediately refund the entire amount.


Your voucher will state completed information on where to meet our guides. It will also include an invitation to be at the meeting point 10/15 minutes prior to commencement time of the tour. This is to be able to assist you in case of delay, in order to guarantee your arrival to the meeting point. Redeemption Point  cannot guarantee you will find your guide if you fail to arrive at the meeting point on time. In the event this occurs, Whats In Italy Tours Di Ali Abd El Wahed (here doing business as RedeemptionPoint) is not responsible for any claim of refund or even partial refund. If you booked a refundable tour, please refer to our Cancellation Policy page. We will do our best to accommodate you if you arrive late and the tour has already begun.


If you anticipate you will be delayed for any reason, it is your responsibility to contact our Emergency line at (+39-339-195-3020). For Private Tours, your guide is booked for the slotted time and will be able to wait for the length and duration of the tour. The time of your delay will be subtracted to the total time of the tour. We cannot guarantee that a rescheduled pick-up time or day will be possible at no additional charge for last minute delays.


If you have a Discount Code or qualify for one of our promotional discounts, they must be applied BEFORE purchase. Discounts will not be applied retro-actively for any reason. Contact us for more information.


It is the customer’s responsibility to provide proof of age either for themselves or for their children for all tours booked. All teenagers and children under the age of 12 must show proof with a valid photocopy of their personal ID.  Proof of age can be shown in the form of a passport, driver’s license, birth certificate, etc.


Our team of invaluable experts, is committed to make sure that any last minute request can be satisfied. In the rare event that we are unable to fulfil your request due to unavailable guides and/or tickets, we will promptly contact you via phone and discuss possible alternatives and/or an immediate and full refund.


The super-intendency of Cultural Affairs and Sites, releases their availability to the Colosseum and its restricted 30 days and 7 days prior to date. At which time, tickets must be purchased and named and no modification allowed. Redeemptionpoint will do its best to satisfy your requested starting time and service preference, please bear in mind that we may require flexibility on your side in order to deliver the best possible service. In the uncommon event when underground tickets can not be secured, you will be offered either cancellation with full refund or the same tour with exclusive arena access and partial reimbursement.


All of our tour descriptions are made to describe eloquently the tour, its sites and how it evolves. On rare occasions, our guides will need to change the order of sites visited due to logistical necessities. Nothing will be skipped or shortened, it will just be a change in order of sites visit